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Over the years, we have had a variety of great clients in the newborn, infant, maternity, outdoor toddlers and baby/ family sessions.  We value their feedbacks and appreciation of our works.  We have always believed in the power of advertising or self-promotion, we realize that nothing speaks louder than word-of-mouth 🙂





31 responses to Customers Testimonials

  1. Cheryl says:

    We love the phototaking experience with Betty. Both Baby Callie and us had such a great time. We are in love with those photos that are taken by Betty. They are so natural, soft and real. She makes photo taking sessions with babies look easy. Right after our photo taking session, we immediately arranged another one for a cake smashing session when Baby Callie turns one. So looking forward to it again!

  2. Susan says:

    We love working with Betty ❤️ She has taken both Aidan’s new born and one year old pictures and we have received so many compliments from our friends and families! The pictures are so natural, full of warmth and whenever you look at them, they simply put a smile on your face. Betty has a real passion for children and she makes the whole photoshooting experience so easy and enjoyable. We have recommended and will continue to recommend Bettitude Photography to those we know!

  3. Cindy Chan says:

    Betty’s photos are so unique, soft and warm. My boy Palden felt so ease and enjoyable during the photo sessions. We did love both indoor and outdoor shooting experiences. Definitely, we will come back to her for capturing more precious and valuable moments in our life.

  4. Virginia says:

    Love working with Betty. She took photos for my daughter Alice when she’s 8months old and recently took outdoor when’ Alice’s 2 year old. It’s never easy capturing little toddlers when they never stand or sit still but Betty have a few great tricks and beautifully captured the real and natural moment. Love Betty’s photos!

  5. Maggie Kwan says:

    Betty’s photos are full of passion and warmth. They are simple but elegant. We had a great moment during the photo sessions. Besides that, we received many compliments from our friends. We are definitely to come back to her for capturing more precious moment in our life.

  6. Joyce says:

    Couldn’t be happier with Betty’s work for our big boy little model shoots! We have been back to her for two newborn shoots for both of our younger son and our little princess! All photos are so stunning and capture the moment perfectly. The only problem is there’s too many good photos to choose from! haha!.. Thank you Betty ~

  7. Nicole says:

    We couldn’t have made a better choice by hiring Betty to take newborn photos of our precious little angel! She was incredible every step of the way and what impressed us most, aside from capturing such gorgeous photos we will forever treasure, was how wonderful and patient she was with our baby. Thank you Betty!! xoxo

  8. Linda says:

    Betty has taken photos for all of our three children in their initial months of life. She is our trusted family Photogtapher to always capture our lives’ most precious moments – full of light and love. She is very experienced with family and young kids, conducting the photo sessions smoothly and efficiently.

  9. whiteeaves says:

    We are delighted to have Betty capturing our son’s first photos. She is enthusiastic, accommodating and patient, you can tell she really loves what she does. We have been blown away by how she captured the precious moment of warmth and tenderness. A fabulous experience all around, thank you again for giving us such a sweet visual memory that we will cherish for a lifetime.

  10. Emilie says:

    Betty was amazing during the photo shooting of our newborn baby. She is very delicate and sweet which makes us feel very comfortable during the whole session. We are so happy we have worked with Betty and we are already thinking about the cake smashing shooting with her. She’s in love with what she does and you can tell it when seeing the beautiful pics. Thanks a lot Betty!

  11. Emily says:

    Thanks so much for Betty taking wonderful photos of my gal Poh Ern. We got lots of friend and relatives and they yet have d chance to meet our gal. Thanks to Betty, poh Ern is presented the most adorable and loving in the photos she took. The way Betty guided poh during d photo shooting absolutely helped poh to give the best of her. Memorable experience. Thanks.

  12. Cindy says:

    Thanks to have Betty s effort to capture our son’s first photos as well as our first family photos. She is full of passion, accommodating and patient. The photos are just amazing!I like the effect she made which feel so cozy and warm like shooting at home. Thank you Betty so much for your great work! The photos taken are really meaningful to preserve our good memories. Thank you so much

  13. Alam says:

    From maternity of my elder son 3 years ago to newborn of my little son this year, Betty never disappoints us. I haven’t expected that taking newborn photos is such a difficult task (especially my little son is a weird type that didn’t sleep at all), but Betty was sooooo patient to take as many as she could and the pictures still show her unique style that we are really fond of. Thanks Betty for helping us to record our most memorable moment!

  14. Priscilla says:

    Betty took the family portrait in studio for me when my son was 7 months & my niece 5yo. Fantastic pictures. Great capture of emotions and special moments. Everyone in the family loves the pics. Highly memorable. Able to get the pics soon after, highly highly recommend Betty’s service.

  15. Matthew Tang says:

    It’s not only a kind of service. It’s quality with care we can feel.

  16. Charis Lau says:

    We had a newborn photo session for my twin babies which turned out to be super enjoyable and fun! Betty is so passionate about photo taking and she is so experienced in capturing babies’ subtle facial expression and body movement. Her photos are very natural which give senses of harmony and warmth. We are going to schedule a cake smash photo session with Betty soon as my babies turn 1 🙂

  17. Linda says:

    We had a wonderful newborn photo shooting experience with Betty. The little one was particularly energized during the shoot yet Betty was patient and helpful the whole time. The pictures turned out much better than what we had expected as Betty captured all the right facial expressions and movements. Our baby only slept for 5 minutes yet we have a whole lot of really nice pictures with his eyes open and looking around. We had a hard time choosing what we like the most so ended up taking everything Betty took. Love all the family portraits too. Highly recommend Betty for newborn and family pictures!

  18. Mel says:

    I would definitely recommend Betty for newborn photos. I was looking for something natural and happy, and Betty delivered exactly that. I loved all her photos so much that it was hard for me to pick which ones are our favourites! Betty was also very experienced in capturing baby’s facial expressions. We had a lot of fun that day! Thanks so much Betty!

  19. Koyi says:

    This was the first time we took family photos. We would like our pictures to be simple, warm and elegant, with as few props as possible.

    We found Betty from social network and visited her website. After a phone conversation, I think her style suits us, and she never make me disappointed.

    Betty is an experienced photographer, she can quickly capture the expression of baby and of course, also the expression of parents. She’s good at using natural light to create a warm feeling.

    My little boy was 6 months old when we took the photo shooting. He started to recognize people and it was no doubt a challenge for taking pictures with him. Betty did a great job garnering his attention and comforting him when neccessary. The final product is absolutely perfect and we are more than satisfied with it. Can’t wait to have another photo shooting with Betty when our baby turns 1 yr old !!! =)

  20. Sherry Wong says:

    Betty is an incredibly gifted artist and a wonderfully patient person. Our family will cherish her unique and beautiful images for the rest of our lives and we will continue to recommend Betitude Photography to friends and family for any occasion.”

  21. Amanda says:

    We had a great photo session with Betty. She came all prepared with everything we needed for the shoot and tips to calm the little one. She is experienced, gentle with our newborn and made it easy and fun for us all. The photos are simple elegant and soft, exactly how we liked. Thank you Betty for capturing such a special moment for us family.

  22. Xing says:

    We’ve now used Betty twice – once for newborn shots and once for a 1st birthday cake smash / family shoot. We love working with Betty as she is great at connecting with yhevkida and trying to coax a smile/their attention. We also have an unruly toddler so she was great getting some nice shots of him smiling! We love the way all of our photos turned out and will be great memories that we will continue to look at for years to come!

  23. Cecil says:

    We had a great 100-day photoshoot session with Betty. She was punctual and prepared. We could tell from the very first shot that she was very experienced. Her greatest strengths have got to be her patience and ability to deal with young children – it is not easy to get a 3-month old to smile on command but she managed to do it throughout the photoshoot. Betty – Thanks again for the wonderful photos you took of Lucas and our family. We look forward to working with you again and would highly recommend Betty to all our friends!

  24. Carmen Siu says:

    Betty was so lovely and patient with our boys (10m and 3yo). She is very experienced and professional. She knew exactly how we could pose and position to make the pics look good. I think that’s also one of the reasons why the actual studio session was so smooth and stress free. We were able to get lots of pics within 1.5 hours and all of them are fantastic! We will definitely recommend her to our friends!

  25. Nooshin & Chris says:

    Our journey with Betty started with maternity pics and then we had new born session booked right away! Beautiful experience, looking at those pics makes us smile every time.
    She’s very professional and photo shoots are actually quite fun, so the smiles in the pics are real, easy and natural. We enjoyed every moment of it and it created such amazing memory which we’re really thankful for.

  26. Ashley Muir says:

    I had a wonderful experience with Betty during my maternity shoot and new born shoot. She makes you feel so relaxed and captures the best photographs. Betty is punctual and professional. She was so calm and relaxed with my one week old baby. This was our first experience with a photographer in Hong Kong and I couldn’t recommend her enough. Both the maternity photos and newborn photos are excellent. We will treasure these photographs forever! We will definitely be using Betty again in the future!

  27. Jenny S. says:

    I had a really great newborn photoshoot experience with Betty. She was incredibly patient and so good with the kids – really captured a lot of sweet moments. The photos turned out so well that I did a second photo shoot when our newborn turned 6 months. Definitely recommend having your memories captured with Betty.

  28. Tracy says:

    We loved working with Betty. She took photos for both our son and daughter when they were newborns. During both photo sessions, she was very gentle and patient with our babies and knew how to calm them when they were getting fussy (especially with our little girl)! We got so many great photos and were so pleased with every single one. We highly recommend Betty!

  29. June says:

    It’s our first family photo and we took it when our son turned 1. It is our great pleasure to have Betty capturing the lovely moments for us! She has suggested a great outdoor venue and been very patient with us and the baby throughout the phototaking. We love the photos:)

  30. Priscilla C says:

    I found Betty through a famous website which focuses on baby’s issue, her photo style is pretty attractive to me. So when my baby girl turned to 100 days, I invited Betty to provide a family shooting session to us. We had a very happy moment together , Betty is no doubt quite professional at portrait shots. We are very satisfied with the photos and will recommend Betty to more friends. In the future, when my baby turns to 1 I will invite Betty again to shoot cake smash ; )

  31. Pamela says:

    I absolutely recommend Betty! Initially I wasn’t so sure about having newborn photos but having seen the results of Betty’s work, I have no regrets. It really is a special moment to capture and they only stay this tiny for so long! Betty made me feel completely relaxed and guided us through the poses. It was all very natural and such a fun, memorable experience. If we are still in Hong Kong we would love for her to do our future photos. Thank you Betty!

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