Fine Art Maternity Portraits

I am obsessed with studio maternity portraits, as I am allowed to put different elements to make it “my style”.  Like this time, I had Tracy with me the mom-to-be of week 36.  We had plenty of time that day, as T could totally read my mind, and the notions I was looking for in every captures. Best of luck to you… and I  look forward to meeting you and your little one soon in Oct!!  Read more

Fine Art Maternity Photo Session with Doris

Doris is another client who found me on internet.  I am very grateful to have Doris in the maternity photo session as we have pretty much same line of thoughts.  The gorgeous mom-to-be has shown her pride, beauty and joy in every capture.  I am so happy that the pictures turned out great, and pleased that Doris and Patrick enjoyed the photo session as much as I do. Doris, I look forward to meeting your little one and our nextRead more

Fine-art Maternity Photo Session with Mandy & Andy

Fine-art Maternity Photo Session with Mandy & Andy It was an honor to document maternity of Mandy and Andy.  I had two maternity photo sessions before that, but they both called off because of poor weather and early birth (baby came out few weeks before plan). So I am pretty much looking forward to it. I am very happy with the way photos turn out. It always helps to have beautiful subject and brilliant ideas. Mandy’s bright character has broughtRead more