Style Baby Portraits for Joshua

Celebrating 1st birthday for baby with a photo session isn’t a bad idea… Originally, we planned a cake smash session for Joshua, at the end we decided to capture more on Joshua’s family.   The little boy likes walking around the studio with dad holding his hand, and getting more energetic after having snacks. Non-stop capturing started from there. Happy 1st Birthday to lovely boy Joshua!!Read more

Baby Portraits for Amanda

Babies are always sweet and adorable particularly in their 9-11 months.  Elaine, a mother of two sweet daughters asked me to take pictures of her younger one at 11-month, thaz Amanda.  She wants to give Amanda the same as she had given to Isabel (elder daughter) a good memory when she grows up. At the very beginning, Amanda was a bit shy.  She was getting more easy & “talkative” when she was given baby snacks.  Studio flashed non-stop from thatRead more