Contemporary Pregnancy Photo Session with Grace & Parson

I am such a lucky photographer who always have gorgeous mom-to-be in maternity session! Grace’s lovely character has made my captures easy. In the session, there were only simple attires and props. Love and joy of mom- and dad-to-be shine through my lens. Parson’s love & caring on Grace have inspired me total different take on maternity! This time, I use different style for maternity portraits. I hope you all like the style!!  Read more

Baby Portraits for Amanda

Babies are always sweet and adorable particularly in their 9-11 months.  Elaine, a mother of two sweet daughters asked me to take pictures of her younger one at 11-month, thaz Amanda.  She wants to give Amanda the same as she had given to Isabel (elder daughter) a good memory when she grows up. At the very beginning, Amanda was a bit shy.  She was getting more easy & “talkative” when she was given baby snacks.  Studio flashed non-stop from thatRead more

Style Baby Portrait for Bernice and Emma

It was so encouraging when I received call from mom of little Bernice three weeks ago for Studio Baby Portraits. Her mom found me on Google search 🙂 When I first met Bernice and her cousin- Emma at studio, I knew it will be another ‘productive’ day!  I took over 300 shots in 2-hr time.  Bernice, in her 3-month, kept having her big round eyes on my lens and welcomed us to put on any styles.  Emma is nearly one,Read more