Newborn Baby N @ 2 weeks old

This was probably the sweetest baby I have ever met. This little girl had been so contented throughout the session, and just be a little bit alerted when she was put into the basket.   ©Pictures by Bettitude PhotographyRead more

New Born Baby Portraits: Baby A @12-day

As many know, all new born baby portraits session was taken place at home.  I enjoy my time at client’s home, and am continuing to explore new styles and posing of little ones.  I just had to share a recent session that I pretty in love with.  Look at her cheeks and contented expression, how adorable. Meet Baby “A” 12 days old.Read more

New Born Portraits for Baby Twins “K” @1-month

Meet baby twins “K” in their one-month. It was not easy to keep the babies asleep or awake at same time.  Luckily, we made this through with both babies hand crossing each other.  This is the best shots of all!!  I wish I could spend longer time for the baby twins, to capturing more precious moment before they grow up.Read more

New Born Baby Photography: Alasdair @Day 13

I always feel the best state of mind is to let a shoot happen naturally.  Every new born baby, location, lighting situation will never be the same as the next.  The more patient you are the more organic and free-flowing the shoot will be! We made a dozen of nice shoot after Alasdair had his 2nd feed.  That’s exactly the moment or state of mind I was waiting for.  The pictures turned out great, the captures were so sweet and natural.Read more