Classic Baby Portraits for Lara and Kiera

A friend of mine just asked me, why are your baby portraits always in white background, without props like ….errr.  My reply was “you don’t understand me” (smile)!! On second thought, I think it’s time to do more.

This time, I want to try something different.  But not most parents with traditional mind would prefer. Henning and Ching with their adorable twins came to me for baby portraits before they were leaving Hong Kong for good.  Henning told me he likes B&W pictures, I know I could apply new style on Baby Lara and Kiera 🙂  I enjoyed session with the gals very much, the gorgeous baby twins with total different character.

Henning and Ching, I look forward to seeing more updates on FB about your gals in Australia!!


3 responses to Classic Baby Portraits for Lara and Kiera

  1. Angie Ng says:

    They are beautiful babies…but then I am biased for they are my goddaughters:-) Thank you Betty for capturing these moments. Cheers, Angie

  2. Henning says:

    Hi Betty,

    Thanks again so much for the wonderful pictures!!! We always knew we have wonderful girls but you made them shine even more. Yes, the photo shoot was tiring for the parents – as it must have been for you with Twins – but you made a great experience and we had lots of fun during the nearly 2 1/2 hours! If we ever get asked whether we know a photographer, we will definitely refer them to you!

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