Natural & Soft Newborn Photography with Baby D @6 days old

I absolutely love working with newborn and this newborn session is one of my favourites! The client is looking for natural and soft tone, as well as some B&W and relational parents and baby pictures.


Meet Baby D @ 6 days old.hong-kong-newborn-baby-family-photographer265ppihong-kong-newborn-baby-family-photographer210pihong-kong-newborn-baby-family-photographer075pihong-kong-newborn-baby-family-photographer005hong-kong-newborn-baby-family-photographer003hong-kong-newborn-baby-family-photographer002hong-kong-newborn-baby-family-photographerhong-kong-newborn-baby-family-photographer_249ppihong-kong-newborn-baby-family-photographer_192pihong-kong-newborn-baby-family-photographer_134pihong-kong-newborn-baby-family-photographer_126pihong-kong-newborn-baby-family-photographer_102pihong-kong-newborn-baby-family-photographer_056ppi2016_hong-kong-newborn-baby-family-photographer0012016_hong-kong-newborn-baby-family-photographer

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