~ Helen & Dennis ~

Every couple loves to take pre-wedding pictures at places with their story, so do Helen and Dennis. Yet it was another beautiful day of a weekend.  Main Building of University of Hong Kong remains the most popular spot for pre-wedding photography.  It was overcrowded that day.  Luckily, we managed to spot a corner for good picture at the end. Helen’s charm is appealing, and she fits well with different styles.  Her smile is subtle, I love taking bridal picture ofRead more

Pre-wedding Photo Session for Carmen & Keith

I had an enjoyable photography experience with C&K.  A sunday in Decemeber, still very  hot (yet a beatiful day…).  The shooting was started at 12:30pm, with the sun right at top of us. Before the day, we discussed about outfit, accessories, style and atmosphere we were expected in the engagement pictures.  C&K had done a good job, with every preparation in details and gave me great extent of freedom for new ideas. There is a month time to go for yourRead more