Style Studio Wedding Portraits for Connie & Sean

If you are loyal followers of my website, Connie & Sean would look familiar to you.  It was not long ago (about 9-10 months) I had a photo session with them. This time, we ran into (looks like) more serious engagement pictures at studio! Taking pictures for Connie & Sean was like having a party!  Rock music and drinks were never missed out…Unlike other pre-wedding portraits which takes outdoor, Connie is particularly fond of studio where they could have bunchRead more

Concept Slideshow for Matthew and Fanny

I was quite excited when Matthew asked me to make a slideshow for their wedding pictures and childhood to be shown on wedding day.  He has no particular requirement, but just asked me to make one similar to those I did before. I truly felt that I could do more for his childhood slideshow.  When Matthew told me they were going to move into their new home, time has come!   The idea of “new home” was inspiring.  It allowedRead more

A Book of Wedding Portraits- Bettitude Photography

I am excited to announce that a book of Wedding Portraits has been published- the first photo book for Bettitude Photography.  The cover is designed in red with background texture made by photoshop.  The viewers could flip at a glance the styles taken for wedding portraits.  These are the-very-best pictures I think worthwhile to share in this way.   If you would like to have a flip, please visit Viva Wedding’s shop locates in Mongkok. Shocking red slide-in case DesignableRead more

~ Helen & Dennis ~

Every couple loves to take pre-wedding pictures at places with their story, so do Helen and Dennis. Yet it was another beautiful day of a weekend.  Main Building of University of Hong Kong remains the most popular spot for pre-wedding photography.  It was overcrowded that day.  Luckily, we managed to spot a corner for good picture at the end. Helen’s charm is appealing, and she fits well with different styles.  Her smile is subtle, I love taking bridal picture ofRead more

Designable Coffee-table Style Photo Album

First print of coffee table style photo album is finally out! I was pretty impressed with its state-of-art binding, design and printing quality when I first flipped the real albums in its representative office in Taiwan.  It is a Japan-based photo-album printing company, where all its production takes place in Hiroshima (if I remember correctly).  All albums are assembled by hand with strict quality control, and come is variety of cover styles and finishes.  My particular preference is one ofRead more

Big Day of Rachel and Marco

Big Day of Rachel and Marco What makes the best capture for big day?  Standard answers: feel the atmosphere, capture the natural moment.  There are always some more we can do to make it more inspiring.  Never pass over the tiny bits at this special day, you may find total new things that hit the audience!!   Special thanks to Rachel and Marco for giving me such a wonderful time. Dedicated to Rachel and Marco, the same-day slideshow and special slideshowRead more

Pre-wedding Photo Session for Carmen & Keith

I had an enjoyable photography experience with C&K.  A sunday in Decemeber, still very  hot (yet a beatiful day…).  The shooting was started at 12:30pm, with the sun right at top of us. Before the day, we discussed about outfit, accessories, style and atmosphere we were expected in the engagement pictures.  C&K had done a good job, with every preparation in details and gave me great extent of freedom for new ideas. There is a month time to go for yourRead more