Pregnancy Portraits Great Mom-to-be

I’m thrilled!! As I had another glorious time with a beautiful mom-to-be who were in 33 weeks of pregnancy!! Throughout the session, Anita has given me 100% freedom on designing different styles of maternity images for her.  Anita has a nice skin tone and strong feature that ideally go with black background.  Her out-going character shines in every captures.

Aside from fine-art maternity portraits, I also love bringing in “girlie” elements to the pictures.  To my expectation it turned out great!!









2 responses to Pregnancy Portraits Great Mom-to-be

  1. Anita says:

    It’s not only the final products, but also that afternoon when we were with Betty in her studio, that really delighted my tough maternity life. I feel so lucky to have Betty to take my maternity portratis.

    Well, the only thing looks to be a bit negative or silly is from my mom, who, after seeing all the photos, does wish she could be pregnant again so that she would have a chance to have so much fun with Betty, sigh…

    • bettitude says:

      haha…thanks Anita. I truly enjoyed your company in the maternity photo session. To a photographer’s eyes, maternity life should be filled with happiness and hope… and that’s what I saw in yours 🙂 wish you smooth delivery!

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