Baby Portraits for Chloe

Baby Chloe has just turned one, the day before photo session.  Mama of Chloe planned this photo session 3 months in advance to celebrate her daughter’s 1st birthday, how thoughtful!  Still remembered the time when Chloe was just one-month old, slept calmly on Mama’s shoulder (I posted the picture here again).  Can’t tell how much I love this picture, and I’ m so glad that it has been profile picture on FB throughout the year!

Back to the session … Chloe’s mom has bought tons of baby clothes, accessories, toys, stroller… that day.  From her detailed preparation, and I should not miss a single shot of her gal.  The “fashion show” was kicked off with a decent baby hat which I recently bought for baby portraits and stroller, and ended with a shocking-pink funny look of Chloe.  After the session, I called it a day!







2 responses to Baby Portraits for Chloe

  1. Jaimie says:

    Betty, not only me, but all my family members love your photos so much. Thank you for taking such nice photos for Chloe. You really took good shots even though she was not in the best condition for shooting. Thank you and appreciate so much!

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