Add Character to Studio Portraits

The traditional studio shot of families/ kids is fine, but boring as call can be! The reason we are not excited about it because of lacking creativity, families/ kids are having the similar outfit, posture and even faked smile that do not match the character.  That’s BORING! An ultimate studio portrait has unique characteristics about it. I love causality.  It works perfect when shooting is less staged.  Fun and quirky are good elements for family portraits.  To plan for a shot, I look for opportunity, story and focus,Read more

Hi there, little Chloe!

Newborn photography for Little Chloe The toughest part of photographing the tiniest subject is to avoid posing them in harm ways in quest for “stunning image”.  Photographer has to take extreme caution and beyond all certain understand all the ramification of choices. A creative posture itself does require good knowledge of to what extent support is needed for the newborn babies and excellent communication with their parents. There are lots more to prepare for newborn photos, from clean blankets, creative props, consistentRead more