Add Character to Studio Portraits

The traditional studio shot of families/ kids is fine, but boring as call can be! The reason we are not excited about it because of lacking creativity, families/ kids are having the similar outfit, posture and even faked smile that do not match the character.  That’s BORING!

An ultimate studio portrait has unique characteristics about it. I love causality.  It works perfect when shooting is less staged.  Fun and quirky are good elements for family portraits.  To plan for a shot, I look for opportunity, story and focus, and look toward ways to capture people within the dynamic. That’s the spirit!


1 response to Add Character to Studio Portraits

  1. Rain To says:

    Appreciate to Betty who gave me a big surprise to have these such wonderful photos. I do remember my son keeps you trouble when we were in studio, but you’re so professional and you just asked do nothing with us and let’s be a free style. A real, natural, comfortable and it’s totally difference point of view you caught, it’s more then what I’ve expected, Again, Betty, thanks a million~~

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