Hi there, little Chloe!

Newborn photography for Little Chloe

The toughest part of photographing the tiniest subject is to avoid posing them in harm ways in quest for “stunning image”.  Photographer has to take extreme caution and beyond all certain understand all the ramification of choices. A creative posture itself does require good knowledge of to what extent support is needed for the newborn babies and excellent communication with their parents.

There are lots more to prepare for newborn photos, from clean blankets, creative props, consistent lightings, to perfect time for shooting, and allowing high flexibility for babies’ emotional change.  Most parents like to have baby with eyes widely opened while I like to take shots when they are comfortably asleep. That’s the sweetest moment!!

Chloe’s mom gave me free-hand on shooting.  She let her little one to take clothes off to create lovely newborn art shots on her shoulder.  After 3hrs long of photography session, we both went dehydrated =P


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