Style Studio Wedding Portraits for Connie & Sean

If you are loyal followers of my website, Connie & Sean would look familiar to you.  It was not long ago (about 9-10 months) I had a photo session with them. This time, we ran into (looks like) more serious engagement pictures at studio! Taking pictures for Connie & Sean was like having a party!  Rock music and drinks were never missed out…Unlike other pre-wedding portraits which takes outdoor, Connie is particularly fond of studio where they could have bunchRead more

Contemporary Photo Album for Wedding

Designed and originated in Japan, the photo book for Wedding Portraits was shipped 3 weeks after order.  One of the state-of-art design I like with DVD presentation box & animal-friendly material cover in baby blue color was picked. I am really happy with the printing quality and color, which nicely brought up my picture style.  \Read more

~ Helen & Dennis ~

Every couple loves to take pre-wedding pictures at places with their story, so do Helen and Dennis. Yet it was another beautiful day of a weekend.  Main Building of University of Hong Kong remains the most popular spot for pre-wedding photography.  It was overcrowded that day.  Luckily, we managed to spot a corner for good picture at the end. Helen’s charm is appealing, and she fits well with different styles.  Her smile is subtle, I love taking bridal picture ofRead more