Style Studio Wedding Portraits for Connie & Sean

If you are loyal followers of my website, Connie & Sean would look familiar to you.  It was not long ago (about 9-10 months) I had a photo session with them. This time, we ran into (looks like) more serious engagement pictures at studio!

Taking pictures for Connie & Sean was like having a party!  Rock music and drinks were never missed out…Unlike other pre-wedding portraits which takes outdoor, Connie is particularly fond of studio where they could have bunch of ideas bringing into the pictures.  Connie & Sean told me they just need a few standard wedding portraits for formal reception in US, aside from these rest of the pictures were ideas popped up during the shot.

Yet it was another wonderful photo session, filled with laughs and beers.  Special thanks to friends of Connie & Sean who were helping out at studio and secured big smiles from Sean!!

2 responses to Style Studio Wedding Portraits for Connie & Sean

  1. Connie says:

    Another beautiful job by Betty. Hee Hee … We enjoyed it so much n prob the only couple who drinks during their picture taking session. So we got a few smiles from Sean n Betty caught it. It’s a fun Sunday n we r loving the pictures.

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