Bettitude @Aomori(青森)Japan

BETTITUDE at Aomori (青森), Japan

LOVE photography at autumn times.  The colors are fantastic as it fills the frame with autumn oranges, golden yellows and deep reds.

It makes landscape look fantastic even when the weather is disappointing- the diffused light of an overcast sky hits on the trees and lakes.  Most important of all, it’s still possible to get good shots when it’s raining!! (It rained heavily on the day I took these pictures)


It is not difficult to find a natural frame at Aomori.  I picked Aomori because of its landscape setting and variety; it ranges from rivers to lakes, from lakes to hilly landscape (where valley is filled with uneven pattern of red and bright gold trees/ leaves), and … moreover to man-made architecture (e.g. bridge).



(sunset at 城倉大橋)



Visit more images from Aomori HERE.

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