Product shots for TOFA

It was a wonderful experience to take pictures for TOFA, Baby Products- Stroller’s Lock.  I truly enjoyed the time from photo design to brand building for a multi-functional yet simple handy baby product. View more pictures and product functions from TOFA’s website: A video produced for TOFA:Read more

Designable Coffee-table Style Photo Album

First print of coffee table style photo album is finally out! I was pretty impressed with its state-of-art binding, design and printing quality when I first flipped the real albums in its representative office in Taiwan.  It is a Japan-based photo-album printing company, where all its production takes place in Hiroshima (if I remember correctly).  All albums are assembled by hand with strict quality control, and come is variety of cover styles and finishes.  My particular preference is one ofRead more

Bettitude @Aomori(青森)Japan

BETTITUDE at Aomori (青森), Japan LOVE photography at autumn times.  The colors are fantastic as it fills the frame with autumn oranges, golden yellows and deep reds. It makes landscape look fantastic even when the weather is disappointing- the diffused light of an overcast sky hits on the trees and lakes.  Most important of all, it’s still possible to get good shots when it’s raining!! (It rained heavily on the day I took these pictures) (奧入瀨溪流) It is not difficultRead more

Product Shots for “Leaf Tea Boutique” 產品攝影- 茶葉

It was a chill out afternoon while the photography was take place (with tea-tasting amidst the busy scene setting).  All shots for teas or tea sets were taken outdoor with the best day light at between 3 to 5 pm. The boss of “Leaf Tea Boutique” has strong enthusiasm in building its own brand in every detail,  from shop interior design and location, product packaging, graphic design of homepage, as well as it’s own tea pot. She had been engaged in full-time researchRead more