Another Dive Trip at Maldives!!

Just the start of our diving safari, we set out to explore a farther dive site in the southern part of Maldives.  After the first dive in late morning, we got ready to “hunt” the local giant above the water.  In just half an hour time, my buddy shouted out: “here! here!”, the giant approached us and was just underneath our boat.  Without a thought, we bought all gears and got into the water!  I kept swimming hard towards theRead more

Eat-sleep-dive at Similan (Jan 9-16, 2011)

Eat-sleep-dive at Similan (Jan 9-16, 2011) It was a second live board dive trip for me, two in 12 months (3rd one is coming soon).  I like the way of life of live board- you simply put on your wetsuit and jump into the water, nothing more (but sleep and eat).   It looks to me more fun than living at resort, as divers have more time to get together chit-chatting, sharing different sort of UW encounters and beer drinking. ThisRead more

Bettitude @Aomori(青森)Japan

BETTITUDE at Aomori (青森), Japan LOVE photography at autumn times.  The colors are fantastic as it fills the frame with autumn oranges, golden yellows and deep reds. It makes landscape look fantastic even when the weather is disappointing- the diffused light of an overcast sky hits on the trees and lakes.  Most important of all, it’s still possible to get good shots when it’s raining!! (It rained heavily on the day I took these pictures) (奧入瀨溪流) It is not difficultRead more