Encounter of 5DMKII with Manta Rays and other UW Creatures at Maldives

Before trip, I had been so excited to bring my beloved 5D MK II underwater.  It took me more than a month time to come up with an optimal solution between budget and quality. Selection of housing, lens used, strobes, length and type of arms… all goes into the research of past months before the trip.

Much to my pleasure, I met all big creatures I was expecting like whale sharks (baby one only), eagle rays, leopard shark, sting rays, manta rays and wrasse (though not a huge one) in Maldives.

 I would never forget the dive I encountered five manta rays in one go, “school of” mantas swam above my 5D MKII, whale shark “hunting” (we kept jumping up and down to fast boat), snorkeling face-to-face with baby whale shark (it’s heading towards me when I jumped down into water).   The experience was extraordinary!! (take a tour with my videos)

 Shooting video/ photo underwater with a DLSR has been something a learning process.  Focusing with my 100mm macro lens seems to quite hectic to me.  Video shooting with 15mm fisheye without a red filter at 10M; trial of manual white balance or with my video light sometimes produce pleasing results in clear blue water, however these are something I’m planning on exploring further in the future.

Having 5D MKII underwater is not a decision I’ve regretted in the least. I look forward to my next dive trip, live aboard one, a dive trip that with more varieties and excitement like Raja Ampat (Indonesia).

 I have summarized my dive trip at Maldives with HD videos on YouTube. Please have a look.


Manta Rays (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XIAP8uiJdc)


Diving at Maldives (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HzTJrSYXUA)




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