Another Dive Trip at Maldives!!

Just the start of our diving safari, we set out to explore a farther dive site in the southern part of Maldives.  After the first dive in late morning, we got ready to “hunt” the local giant above the water.  In just half an hour time, my buddy shouted out: “here! here!”, the giant approached us and was just underneath our boat.  Without a thought, we bought all gears and got into the water!  I kept swimming hard towards theRead more

Encounter of 5DMKII with Manta Rays and other UW Creatures at Maldives

Before trip, I had been so excited to bring my beloved 5D MK II underwater.  It took me more than a month time to come up with an optimal solution between budget and quality. Selection of housing, lens used, strobes, length and type of arms… all goes into the research of past months before the trip. Much to my pleasure, I met all big creatures I was expecting like whale sharks (baby one only), eagle rays, leopard shark, sting rays,Read more

Eat-sleep-dive at Similan (Jan 9-16, 2011)

Eat-sleep-dive at Similan (Jan 9-16, 2011) It was a second live board dive trip for me, two in 12 months (3rd one is coming soon).  I like the way of life of live board- you simply put on your wetsuit and jump into the water, nothing more (but sleep and eat).   It looks to me more fun than living at resort, as divers have more time to get together chit-chatting, sharing different sort of UW encounters and beer drinking. ThisRead more

World of Underwater- Raja Ampat Indonesia

“Let’s get wet”!! That recalls me the time when the local DM wrapped up his debriefing in a live-aboard dive trip (while I was super exhausted with 30+ dives made) . Underwater is a stunning gallery of colors and lively creatures.  Every dive is an unique experience that brings different types of creatures into my eyes.  Look forward to more or even extreme encounters, and wonderful captures. My next dive trip- Similan Islands, Phuket, on Jan 2011. Explore world of underwater HERERead more