Engagement Pictures for Connie & Sean

Engagement Pictures for Connie & Sean

I could not tell you how much I love the pictures I took for Connie and Sean.  Great couple, great atmosphere and what a great time I had!!  Connie and I had many ideas, just too many … I am pleased that the plan had brought up nicely.  By the end of day, I had ‘more than one’ expression from Sean on my lens.  Loved the music and wines during the shooting, it’s cool and fun!


2 responses to Engagement Pictures for Connie & Sean

  1. Connie says:

    It was an amazing four hours with Betty !! We have never done any professional pictures ourselves n Betty walked us through it w ease. I think Sean was a bit nervous to start with (well, I guess that’s him); he loosened up after Betty gave him a few hints n instructions! I had a blast !! It was fun and I love how it came out. Very us !! Me the loud one n Sean the shy (?!) one.

    Nicely n perfectly done. What we want !!


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