Big Day of Rachel and Marco

Big Day of Rachel and Marco

What makes the best capture for big day?  Standard answers: feel the atmosphere, capture the natural moment.  There are always some more we can do to make it more inspiring.  Never pass over the tiny bits at this special day, you may find total new things that hit the audience!!  

Special thanks to Rachel and Marco for giving me such a wonderful time.

Dedicated to Rachel and Marco, the same-day slideshow and special slideshow on their childhood.

Sane-day Slideshow

Special Slideshow


1 response to Big Day of Rachel and Marco

  1. bunny says:

    hey Betty!!!
    can’t say how much i love your pics!!
    from the making of to the slide show, from the preparation to that day, from the first met to good friends.
    you have had done a lot which is more than just a photographer~~
    to the devoted and delicated girl~~Betty…

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